Stanislas MAHIEUX

Professional Coach - Senior Consultant

Passionate about human sciences since his adolescence, it is with authenticity, enthusiasm and ethics that he transmits his knowledge and accompanies his clients. Born in a violent and sulphurous environment, it is thanks to personal development that he transformed his life to go from a bitter academic and professional failure to the creation of his business and obtaining a Bac +5. His credo is: no bread, no gain! Action!

Quote: “At one time, I believed that there were the “Einsteins” and the “others”... I believed that I was part of the “others”... but I realized that I had made a mistake, that of doubting my abilities! Now I believe that we are ALL capable of ANYTHING! You just have to believe in it and move on!”

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  • Development coaching (Certified "Coach/professional consultant" RNCP 7 - France)
    • Personal - Find your "IKIGAI", change your way of life, take back the reins of your life...
    • Professional - Changing jobs, improving relationships, solving problems, conflicts...
    • School - Find your orientation, resolve conflicts at school and/or at home, get better results...
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (Certified "Master Practitioner" in NLP - USA)
    • Management of stress and fears
    • Editing internal representations
    • Treatment of phobias
  • Techniques for "Learning to learn" (Certified "Practitioner" from the Tony BUZAN school - England)
    • Mindmapping (French Champion 2018)
    • "Fast/effective" reading (French Championship)
    • Memorization techniques
    • Revision techniques
  • Mentoring of managers to develop their manager/coach skills (Commercial Director for 5 years + personal study of neurosciences)
    • Training/Coaching "to become a manager/coach"
    • Neuroscience
    • Mentoring
  • The development of technologies at the service of the human sciences (Director of training at XXII)
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Virtual reality

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