Formations Métier

Formation - Executive Master of Science (MSc) in Professional Coaching

Becoming a Professional Coach

To the skills and abilities repository that will allow you to launch your activity in all areas of coaching will be added a solid posture thanks to personalized support throughout the training.

We train the experts in the sector. You want to become a Coach - Welcome to the AI planet.

Programme et objectifs

Objectives & capacities targeted:

  • Mastering Posture - Ethics and professional conduct of the Coach profession
  • Master the tools of the entire business repository: Be able to intervene in individual coaching, team coaching and organizational coaching and this on all requests
  • Master the Fundamentals of individual and collective change management
  • Master the essential transversal approaches (stress management, relaxation therapy, neurotraining, mental preparation)


  • Epistemology and Primary Definitions
  • Fundamentals of collaborative reporting
  • Pragmatic of the coaching process
  • The art of questioning
  • Beliefs and subjective reality
  • The identity-building process
  • Self-esteem - Self-confidence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Individual change and transition
  • Systems approach: Theory and practice
  • Stress and borderline management
  • Business and organizational coaching
  • Support the transformation of organizations
  • Neurosciences and Neurotraining
  • The supervision process

* Detailed documentation on request

Public et pré-requis

Person wishing to develop an activity of professional Coach, Internal Coach, Manager Coach. Coach in activity wishing to upgrade their skills and the recognition of an MSc. Application validation interview

Encadrement pédagogique

Senior coaches of the Intelligences Alternatives pedagogical team
Benoit Brial: Senior Coach - Mental Coach - Supervisor
Cecile Coin-Bernard: Sophrologist - Senior Coach - Supervisor
Katell Durousseaud : Senior Coach - Supervisor
Gabriel Hannes: Senior Coach - Supervisor
Christophe Lucas: Coach Senior - Senior Consultant - Supervisor
Stanislas Mayeux: Senior Coach - Neurotrainer - Supervisor
Stéphanie Plessis - Senior Coach - Senior Consultant - Supervisor - Mental Preparator
Veronique Ragnetti-Wasselin: Senior Coach - Consultant Assessment of skills - Supervisor - Mental trainer
Florence Soustre-Gasser: Senior Coach - Mediator
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Ingénierie pédagogique

15 face-to-face days (5 + 5 + 5) + 1 day of defense to master the approaches, methodology and reference tools supported by interactive and lively e-learning. Practice analyzes, individual supervision and workshops for a perfect mastery of the tools.

We have made the choice of quality in the follow-up of our learners and we favor small groups, the valuation of the practice and a fully personalized follow-up.

Suivi et évaluation des acquis

Continuous monitoring through individual and collective supervision

Exit examination for each participant - continuous assessment and passage at the end of the training.

Certificate of end of training mentioning the duration, objectives and results of the learning.

Half-day score sheet.

On-the-spot assessment of the satisfaction of the trainees at the end of the training and a delayed one, a few months after

Modalités d’inscription

Application validation interview



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