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After a career as a business manager, I returned to my first passion which is psychology. I have been working in a private practice for many years in the Paca region. My practice is humanistic, systemic and transgenerational in inspiration. My approach to the human joins the current of positive psychology; every human being, whatever the difficulties he encounters, possesses within himself considerable resources for change and the realization of his potentialities...


In parallel with my initial course in psychology:
Training in psychogenealogy with Cathy Damiano, psychologist and student of Anne Ancelin Schützenberger, author of “Aïe mes Aïeux”.
I trained in group therapy and various techniques such as family constellations and psychodrama
Training in child and adolescent development and psychopathology Training in couple therapy at "L'École du couple" in Lyon - systemic orientation

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Background and experience

  • Family Therapy (in a team with an educator): Support for adolescents in crisis and their families on intensive therapeutic stays, in a systemic and humanistic approach.
  • Analysis and systemic intervention of conflicting family situations
  • Management of violence and aggression
  • Regular practice of the various systemic tools
  • Design and animation of workshops in a large group of the paramedical sector around soft skills. Support for employees on their daily problems at work (management of aggressiveness and conflicts, management of emotions, mediation within teams, etc.)
  • Accompaniment of people at the end of life in a palliative care unit, a humanly rich experience of one year
  • Trainer on the theme of "LISTENING" within the training course for volunteers of the ASP (association for the development of palliative care)
  • Setting up parenting support workshops
  • Animation of psychogenealogy courses and groups of family constellations in the PACA region

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