Psychotherapist, Certified Coach, Suicide Prevention Trainer

What a pleasure these 30 years spent in the service of support and listening, with enrichment through my multiple trainings.
I help people who have family, social or relational difficulties.
My goal is to accompany you, whether as an individual, couple or family, towards well-being with a warm, caring and reassuring welcome.


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  • Training in the conduct of individual and family interviews
  • Couple therapy training ("Cole du couple gestalt-therapy)
  • Training of suicide prevention trainers
  • Training in maintenance techniques
  • Family mediation training
  • Family support training in critical times
  • Family care training
  • Family therapy and systemic intervention training
  • Post-mention training and bereavement
  • Training in stress management and psychosocial risks
  • Stress management with top athletes
  • Mental support for athletes recovering from injury
  • Mental preparation to achieve a goal
  • Management of failure and success
  • End of career management (retraining)
  • Mental preparation through hypnosis

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