Professional Coach, Consultant, NLP Practitioner Richard Bandler®

Professional coach specializing in solution-oriented brief therapy, I accompany individuals in transition, in search of identity, wishing to give meaning to their lives on various themes: professional, societal, relational, family, educational...

Fifteen years spent in business have allowed me to experience how necessary it is to cultivate difference, to encourage it and to support each person in their uniqueness. This with kindness.
I also accompany the High intellectual potential, the hypersensitive who suffer on a daily basis in our normalized society where it is not always good to leave the frame; I help them to release too saturated psychic space, something to soothe them

In addition, consultant in parenting, trained in school coaching, I work with the triptych: "parents - young (s) - teaching staff" on relational issues and / or on learning difficulties and other disorders that may encounter the " young" such as stress...; Restoring a serene communication, re-establishing the link is therefore essential...


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  • Solution-focused brief therapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • parental guidance
  • alternative education
  • HPI/ hypersensitivity


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