Professional Coach & Mediator

Florence had the opportunity and the chance to enamel her professional career with very varied experiences and significant encounters. First of all, a very rich first part of her career, made up of 10 years of cross-functional managerial experience within large international groups, in France as well as with several European and Asian countries, then 10 other years as a manager within a large public institution, which made him experience multiple facets of business life, both small and very large.
With the constant concern to connect the meaning of the company to the relationships that constitute it, Florence embraced the career of professional coach in 2017, then mediator in 2020.


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Today, she accompanies, in French and in English, the organizations, the women and the men who constitute her on the following themes:

  • Executive coaching and leadership: or how responsibilities, power and freedom are articulated in a complex world
  • Conflicts and psycho-social risks: as a mediator or professional coach, how to recreate the link to transform blocked situations
  • Invisible Disability: Where Understanding One's Limits Leads to Uncovering the Treasures of One's Resources

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