New Technologies

Virtual Reality (VR) - Augmented Reality (AR)

Remote support and training revisited

Offer your customers the support of tomorrow
The first VR tools dedicated to personal development. From our R&D laboratory and the efficiency of the members of the VR Connection, leaders in AI and VR, the acuity of neuroscience and interdisciplinary collaboration.

For the helping relationship

  • Public speaking
  • Stop Tobacco
  • Concentration
  • Stress management
  • Cognitive restructuring & mental skills


  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Gestures that save
  • Hard skills: custom-made
In partnership with members of the VR Connection
The alliance of members of the VR Connection and Intelligences Alternatives gives birth to the best of tech and human sciences to boost and develop human capital.

Experience augmented personal development


The efficiency of the alliance between Deep-Learning and human sciences

Artificial neural networks need a critical eye

To support the transformation of the organization and its professions, we have designed the new talents, the new challenges and the new complementarities necessary for the tech professions of tomorrow.
Our interventions offer you the best of tech and the best of human sciences so that tech always innovates with humanity and for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.
Expertise, business legitimacy and socially responsible innovation are at the heart of our approach.
Technical expertise and critical thinking combine for better learning algorithms

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