Personal development / soft-skills

Training - Stress Management

Understanding stress and its mechanisms is a major issue in order to minimize its harmful effects and manage to make stress an ally and a performance lever.

Program and objectives

  • Understanding the mechanisms of stress and its effects
  • Mastering the concepts and tools of stress management
  • Understanding the impact of emotions in stress management

Audience and prerequisites

Anyone wishing to master the fundamentals of stress management.

Pedagogical supervision

Educational team made up of experienced and expert trainers. All training professionals also present in the field.

A multidisciplinary team for richer contributions.

Educational engineering

Face-to-face in the classroom and / or virtual synchronous remotely (depending on dates and modules). Active and participatory pedagogy combining theory and practice for an immediate operational transposition of the learning outcomes.

Monitoring and evaluation of learning

Assessment of prior learning for each participant.

Certificate of end of training mentioning the duration, objectives and results of achievements.

sheet per half-day.

Evaluation of the satisfaction of the trainees at the end of the training and cold, a few months after the training.

Registration details

After an individual interview which will verify the adequacy between the training objectives and the needs (expectations) of the future participant.



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