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Training - Parenting workshops

Supporting parenthood in the company is fully in line with the CSR approach.

The parental concerns of employees do not stop at the door of the company, a concerned parent is an employee less available for his work. Going towards an approach that fully contributes to improving the work-life balance of employees is undoubtedly a performance driver for the company.

Program and objectives

Functioning and running of the workshops

Upstream, the employees will choose the workshops from the list of themes offered. Groups will naturally be formed according to the concerns of each and the age of their children or grandchildren. We offer 3 workshops per training day.

Each workshop will shed theoretical light on the topic addressed, with the aim of better understanding how children function and will propose effective and concrete solutions.

Interactions will be encouraged, everyone will have the opportunity to express themselves.

List of workshop themes

  1. Say no to your child Why? How?
  2. Dealing with anger, understanding it
  3. Sleep problems
  4. I quit bitching about my kids
  5. Children and screens
  6. Blended families - finding their place
  7. Understanding my teenager
  8. Separation divorce- How to preserve the children
  9. “Hurry Up” - Daily Time Management
  10. Neuroscience sheds light on our children's brains
  11. Talking about death with children-mourning
  12. Brother sister rivalries

Requests for other themes are of course possible

Pedagogical supervision

Animated by Nelly Legrand et Sophie Véron

Educational engineering

Face-to-face in the room. Active and participative pedagogy combining theory and practice for an immediate operational transposition of the achievements of the workshop.



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