Expert trainings & Specializations - The catalog of continuing education for the coaches

Training - Organizational Coaching

Understanding the challenges of the organization and value proactivity in making the necessary changes..

Rethinking the organization by promoting talent management.

The omnipresence of new technologies and new tools is considerably modifying business ecosystems. Changes are therefore inevitable. Supporting the resulting transitions is a necessity for the future for greater efficiency and sustainability.

CSR, digital transformation, diversity, intersectionality, the challenges are numerous and the expected skills must be imagined and developed. Practicing organizational design and its reskilling.

Personalizing the approach and create a desirable future for organizations.

Program and objectives

  • Understanding the soft skills / hard skills / game skills of tomorrow
  • Valuing parity - female leadership & positive masculinity
  • Meeting the diversity & inclusion criteria
  • Managing digital transformation and its resistance
  • Tools and fundamentals of strategic coaching and organizational coaching
  • CSR: Issues, Fundamental, Pragmatic
  • Design thinking

Audience and prerequisites

Coach, Consultant, HR, managers

Pedagogical supervision

Teaching team made up of experienced and expert trainers. All training professionals also present in the field.

Une équipe pluridisciplinaire pour des apports plus riches.

Educational engineering

Face-to-face in classroom and / or virtual synchronous remotely (depending on dates and modules). Active and participatory pedagogy combining theory and practice for an immediate operational transposition of the learning outcomes.

Monitoring and evaluation of learning

Assessment of achievement learning for each participant.

Certificate of end of training mentioning the duration, objectives and results of learning.

Half-day sign-in sheet.

On-the-spot evaluation of the satisfaction of the trainees at the end of the training and a delayed one, a few months after.

Registration details

After an individual interview which will verify the adequacy between the training objectives and the needs (expectations) of the future participant.



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