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Training - Executive Master of Science (MSc) in Mediation

At the end of the training you will be in a position to position yourself as a mediator.

Applying techniques of conflict resolution and solution search.

Piloting the various stages of co-development by involving the parties towards a positive and sustainable co-construction.

Program and objectives

  • Knowing how to use the right tool depending on the types of tension: Feedback, co-development, mediation process
  • Mastering the art of questioning to bring out a common objective
  • Comply with the stages of mediation
  • Understanding the Benefits of the Mediation Process
  • Know and respect the code of ethics and the framework of intervention
  • Individual interview training
  • Mediation interview training
  • Resolution interview training

Audience and prerequisites

Executives, Managers, support professionals, anyone wishing to move towards a career as a mediator.

Pedagogical supervision

Teaching team made up of experienced and expert trainers. All training professionals also present in the field.

A multidisciplinary team for richer inputs.

Educational engineering

Face-to-face in classroom and / or virtual synchronous remote (according to dates and modules). Active and participatory pedagogy combining theory and practice for an immediate operational transposition of the learning outcomes.

Monitoring and evaluation of learning

Exit examination for each participant.

Certificate of end of training mentioning the duration, objectives and results of acquired knowledge.

sheet per half-day.

On-the-spot assessment of trainee satisfaction at the end of the training and a delayed one, a few months after.

Registration details

After an individual interview which will verify the adequacy between the objectives of the training and the needs (expectations) of the future participant.



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