Enterprise and Organisation

Training - CSR Manager

Coordinate and providing guidance all of the company's activities with stakeholders for a positive and lasting impact. Acculturating members of the organization.

Creating and promoting the beneficial effects that the company can have for the planet and society in general while carrying out its main economic activity.

There is not a single definition of CSR but an appropriation for each company according to its values and its activity: a company's CSR actions must be directly linked to its identity and its business.

The NF ISO 26000 standard, an international standard defining the scope of CSR.

Program and objectives

  • Perceiving, understanding and mastering the contours of the NF ISO 26000 standard to the PACTE 2019 law: understand its purpose, challenges and specificity
  • Knowing the 7 axes and the 3 pillars :
    • governance of the organization
    • Human rights
    • working relationships and conditions
    • environment
    • fair practices
    • consumer issues
    • communities and local development
  • Using the tools of coaching, advice and training
  • Mastering the design thinking method for personalized appropriation and the strengthening of cultural coherence

Audience and prerequisites

Manager or supervisory staff wishing to integrate the CSR approach.

Pedagogical supervision

Teaching team made up of experienced and expert trainers. All training professionals also present in the field.

A multidisciplinary team for richer contributions.

Educational engineering

Face-to-face in classroom and / or virtual synchronous remotely (depending on dates and modules). Active and participatory pedagogy combining theory and practice for an immediate operational transposition of the learning outcomes.

Monitoring and evaluation of learning

Exit examination for each participant.

Certificate of end of training mentioning the duration, objectives and results of learning achievements.

Half-day sign-in sheet.

On-the-top satisfaction assessment of the trainees at the end of the training and cold, a few months after the training.

Registration details

After an individual interview which will verify the adequacy between the training objectives and the needs (expectations) of the future participant.



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Face-to-face in classroom
Face-to-face in classroom
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