Soft Skills Capsules

Training - 3 days to boost self-confidence

Self-confidence is essential in both professional and personal settings and is one of the most important factors for success; it allows us to take action, to deal with the unexpected of daily life, to adapt quickly to changes, to make decisions... Having a solid self-confidence also means daring to set goals and knowing how to take advantage of his talents.

If we are not all equal in terms of self-confidence, we can all work to improve it.

Program and objectives

The objective of these 3 days:

  • Decode and appropriate the levers of self-confidence
  • Be assertive and gain confidence by developing self-esteem
  • Inspire trust and build trusting relationships
  • Gain confidence and start the spiral of success
  • Acquire the tools to position yourself with more confidence.

All the concepts covered in this training contain a theoretical contribution and scenarios. The participatory approach around theoretical contributions will be preferred. Priority will be given to the analysis of experience and the practical application of the tools transmitted.

Audience and prerequisites

This training is aimed at all audiences (employees, managers, leaders).
No prerequisites are necessary.

Pedagogical supervision

Animated by Nelly Legrand et Sophie Véron

Educational engineering

Face-to-face in the room. Active and participatory pedagogy combining theory and practice for an immediate operational transposition of the learning acquired from the training.



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