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Monday 21 September 2020

The bond is what defines us, beyond all logic.

The cognitive dissonance caused by the global crisis we are going through has reached an existential level rarely seen and gives hope for a lasting cultural change.

Facing the crisis, getting out of denial and building a desirable future, it is the transformation that can be beneficial. Sustainability, however, can only be the work of everyone…

Torn between a past where manipulative smokescreens are dissipating and an uncertain and anxiety-provoking future, humanity is waking up from a long dogmatic slumber.

A collective consciousness, in a planetary movement, opens its eyes, growls, questions democracies.
Ecology, gender, humanity, it’s time for unity and solidarity. Rebuild what has been substituted.

The twilight of the idols is accelerating, the urgent and important of the system dissolves into a rediscovered essential and questions us about our individual and collective responsibility. The imperative is to act for what we really want.

For a founding freedom of human rights, of personal power, of self-determination. The right to a happy life for everyone, everywhere. Dignity. Closer to our humanity.

The end of certain cultural terrorism and a humanity preserved from libertarian logics… The end of the dead without burials, sacrificed because they were not on the right side of the border. For the right to live in an environment that the laws of capital have not decimated.

Freedom and dignity are systemic or they are not. Our survival, in its relationship to our land, is too.
Even if the crisis shakes our deepest fears, even if the security and liberticidal argument of dictatorships comes back in force like the temptation of a thought binary and divisive, humanity is standing. Aware more than ever. Ready to face this uncertainty that terrifies her.

A humanity that has understood that it has NEVER ensured its survival by the law of the strongest, but by love, cohesion and empathy.

The sheep have entered into resistance.

Speech is free and even if the path is still long and dangerous for activists, the process is underway. Our role is to collectively carry a message of peace, to create hope through our behavior, to grow collectively and finally to generate a virtuous and intelligent circle. No one can say they didn’t know. Let’s continue to question the existing, to track down the absurd and the arbitrary, to roll back areas of non-rights and injustice.

Do you seriously think the industry would stop selling if plastic were banned? Or that she would adapt? Isn’t it a magnificent sleight of hand to have made the citizen responsible for this tragedy weigh on the citizen… As with stress, with band-aids on the consequences, we have never eliminated the causes… But where is the political will to confront them? Polluters – payers, and? Our children will eat their booklet A? To hear them, they are not interested and they are not fooled… These fruits full of pesticides which are no longer edible but profitable do not interest them any more.

What about the 12 million young women forced into marriage, raped, mutilated… Tolerance towards customs? Relativist and demagogue bullshit who has never fought a deadly patriarchy, quite the contrary. As for the deaths in the DRC, our technologies make us complicit in the massacres. Inclusion, diversity, interconnectedness. Together let us live the wisdom of the crowds to break down the walls of learned helplessness. Physical distance okay, but social bond more than ever. Community, not communitarianism. Value solidarity not competition. Observing the extent of the path to be accomplished, standing up, it is time for ethics to come out of the lecture halls and be embodied. Let’s hope for tomorrow and let all intelligences live. Will you be?

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