Companies & organizations

Support for companies and organizations

  • Leadership
  • Workshop for board
  • Neurotraining and design thinking
  • Organizational coaching and transformation management
  • Strategic Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching – Managers – Collaborators
  • Support for integrating artificial intelligence into the organization
  • Team-building

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coach, mediator, mental trainer, philosopher

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Sophie VÉRON


All recognized professionals, legitimate and experts by their experience, their ethics and their deontology, developing their practice as the challenges and expected skills arise, they will be able to support you in achieving your objectives.

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Just for yourself

Exploration and implementation of the life project. Establish your balance. Self-projection and performance.


Performance Coaching: Mindset training

Achieve your goals. Appropriate the approach of top athletes. Develop effective behaviors.


Skills assessment and career management

Give a new impetus to your career. Balance the different areas of life. Give meaning and coherence to your professional career. Develop your employability.


School coaching and orientation coaching

Solve your orientation problems.
Create your career path.


Personal coaching

Clarify your life plan. Find balance, alignment and personal power. Develop and install a sense of well-being.

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