September 10, 2021

Many emotions last September 10 when the title of Champion in the Fight against Sexual Violence was awarded by Her Excellency Pramila Patten, Secretary General of the United Nations to Her Royal Highness The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. Maria Teresa from Luxembourg. Much emotion and gratitude for the one who tirelessly challenges and breaks a guilty silence by drawing the attention of the international community to these inhuman war crimes and violence against women. Be the voice of the survivors. Stand up against barbarism. Much hope and dignity in the projects led by Stand Speak Rise Up! asbl to support entire communities towards autonomy and reconstruction. A will that unites and acts. Unconditional, exemplary and effective support for Dr Mukwege. We would all like our heads of state to be inspired by this courage. We would all like this awareness and commitment to inspire beyond all borders. Lots of emotions when you find Chékéba Hachemi at her side, who has never ceased to act and who, in her embrace, makes you feel that she is still standing, ready to fight despite the tragedies and that she does not will never give up. Afghanistan Free. And for that, we are infinitely grateful to him. Lots of emotion in the eyes that stop before the portals of our SEMA heroines and the arrival of their representative. You are our heroines, our inspirers, makers of a new humanism, bearer of hope and reconciliation. Thank you to Colonel Philippe Majerus, who, every day, advances the cause of women and embodies this positive masculinity so called by Dr. Mukwege. Thanks to William Eldin for putting his technology and all his ethics at the service of this cause in order to prevent further massacres. This title, this recognition is a new step since the unforgettable colloquium of 2019 and we are proud and honored to share this journey with your side. We will still continue. You too can relay this ambition and support this fight:

Today, the heart of humanism beats in Luxembourg. Thanks to HRH the Grand Duchess.
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