This incredible EMCC 2021 conference

This incredible EMCC FRANCE 2021 conference …
The colloquium which is coming to an end has lived up to its expectations. Intense, striking and deeply human. Congruent with its theme and the values ​​of a profession which every day testifies a little more to its necessity, its efficiency and the hopes it represents for tomorrow.
Resilience, this power that pushes us personally and collectively to grow, so dear to Gabriel Hannes 🌿 and Florence Soustre-Gasser, was present everywhere. In the theme and in the lectures. Individually, collectively, she drew in every feeling and witnessed how powerful we can be, together.
This success is probably also due to the fact that the conference is organized by volunteers, people who, with their skills, give what is most precious in life: time. Thank you again to you.

Many highlights and among them an immense emotion which transforms an amphitheater into a united collective which rises for the heroines of the SEMA network. The other word for resilience. Time stood still for a few moments, as if to preserve the feeling of communion, as if to prolong the ode to these heroine. I was moved to feel them so close and my voice trembled as I addressed you. I was just as much seeing you standing for them, with them at the end. Thank you. You have all been touched, sometimes even hurt. As were the solidarity coaches who accompanied them Thank you to them and thank you to those who volunteered for the rest of the conference. Let’s continue to be this collective that stands up for them and for those who tirelessly fight alongside them. Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation, Stand Speak Rise Up! asbl and Foundation of the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess.
SEMA means breaking the silence. The survivors are exposing themselves, and fighting for the dignity of all of us. As do Dr Mukwege and HRH Maria Teresa from Luxembourg.
Esther Dingemans, Apolline Pierson, and Philippe Majerus left their mark on you and their authenticity was inspiring. Many of you want to support them, here are some small individual steps that can already change everything:

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Hope to see you again soon